What is Trimlight?

Trimlight is an innovative, patented lighting system that allows customers to have permanent, exterior lighting professionally installed on their homes and businesses, eliminating the hassle and worry out of hanging Christmas or holiday lights ever again!

4 Simple Steps To Get Trimlight

  • Contact your local dealer at (202) 650-7949 to get a quote.

  • Trimlight rep will contact you to discuss options and benefits of Trimlight specific to your home or business.

  • Trimlight will be professionally installed on your home or business.

  • Enjoy the amazing benefits of your new Trimlight system with our industry leading app.

Samuel O'Neal
Lighting Contractor

New Globe Lights!

Trimlight presents Globe lights, our newest innovation in programmable, remote access outdoor lighting that can be used with your existing Trimlight system or as a stand alone product.

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New Trimlight Edge

For Every Holiday, Sporting Event, or Any Special Occasion. Trimlight’s new controller has tons of new benefits! User-friendly app with cutting-edge technology! Program millions of colors, patterns, and animations.

Ability to access your lights from anywhere in the world!

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Holiday Lighting

Trimlight has provided bright, beautiful lighting on homes and businesses since 2011, giving users millions of color changing options and patterns to celebrate any holiday or event. Our proprietary mobile application provides user-friendly functionality giving customers the ability to easily program lighting colors and patterns that are completely customizable to meet any need for any time of year.

Simple To Use App

User friendly app with cutting edge technology! Program millions of colors, patterns and animations.

Customize patterns for any holiday or event. 180 pre-set programs for ease of use!

Trimlight is made for life’s moments!

With virtually unlimited color and animation options, our programmable system gives customers the control and versatility to set their lights for every major holiday, sporting event, or any special occasion throughout the year.

Trimlight provides bright, beautiful holiday and year round lighting at night, which is hardly noticeable during the day so the system can be left up all year, every year!

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Benefits of Trimlight

You Can Programm It!

User friendly app, cutting edge technology. Program millions of colors, patterns & animations. Customize patterns for any holiday or event. 180 pre-set programs for ease of use. Built in calendar & timer functions.

Hardly Noticeable During The Day

Patented channel design blends into roof line. Multiple colors to match any building. Hides wires completely from view. Secures lights securley in place. Adds architectural beauty to any roof.

Safety & Security

No more ladders or slippery roofs. Provides bright security lighting all year. Low voltage for safe install & operation.

Durable & Energy Efficient

Highest quality diodes (50,000 hours). Designed to last for decades. Quality 2 coat painted aluminum channel.

Weather Proof

Withstands all adverse weather conditions. Completely water proof diodes. Channel blocks wires from harmful UV rays. Securely attaches to withstand high winds.

Best in Class Customer Service

Only company with a Lifetime Product Warranty. Industry leading labor warranty. Reliable response time for warranty inquiries.

Professional Installation

Professional crews with years of experience. On-site initial setup support after install. Installation satisfaction is our highest priority.

Best in Class Warranty

Only company with A Lifetime Product Warranty. Industry leading labor warranty. Reliable response time for warranty inquiries.

Lighting Options


Trimlight offers a unique soffit lighting solution for homes and businesses.

Accent Lighting

With Trimlight’s cutting edge app, creating accent lighting is a simple as tapping a couple buttons on a smartphone device to pick any color and spacing options needed for elegant, ambient accent lights all year long.

Commercial Lighting

Trimlight offers a great commercial lighting solution to help businesses increase visibility, attract more customers and enhance brand recognition.

Holiday Lighting

Trimlight is the original inventor of permanent, programmable holiday and year round lighting.

Inside Lighting

Trimlight offers a unique inside lighting solution for homes and businesses.

Patio Lighting

Trimlight provides elegant backyard lighting for patios, pergolas, awnings, deck railings and more.

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